Reliable Obstetrical and Gynecological Care

If you're looking for a reliable obstetrical and gynecological care facility, McGinnis Women's Medical Care should be your trusted choice.

We have a team of medical practitioners who are highly experienced and can handle your diverse obstetrical, gynecological, menopause, and breast cancer issues.

From the Desk of Dr. Mary Joyce McGinnis

Dr. Mary Joyce McGinnis became board certified in 1985, and for the last 36 years, she has devoted her life to women's reproductive care and all of its aspects. She received her degree from the medical college of Georgia.
When Dr. McGinnis was 50 years old, she started her own practice to better serve the community and women in general. Previously, she was an assistant professor, worked in rural medicine, and in a family planning clinic.

At McGinnis Women's Medical Care, our goal is to make every patient feel comfortable, and we do so by putting our real-world experiences in the mix as women. Dr. McGinnis was diagnosed with breast cancer. Our other staff members have also lost family members to many such illnesses and diseases. This motivates us to treat each patient with the utmost care during their visit.
Your appointment is just a call away.
Learn about the medical practitioners at McGinnis Women's Medical Care.
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